We started with one idea: to empower everyday women to feel confident while wearing high-quality, comfortable waist trainers. LUXXCHERY™ has been online from the beginning, allowing us to connect with people all over the world and build an amazing community of passionate, unique people. From our humble beginnings, we have grown into a worldwide brand that not only offers waist trainers, but our values have never changed.

Our mission here at LUXXCHERY™ is to be a source of inspiration and empowerment for women of every size, No matter who they are or what they like to do. We want you to be able to express exactly who you are and feel completely comfortable with yourself and our brand. That’s why we demand more than average from our products and business practices.



LUXXCHERY™ products are designed to showcase your body’s most attractive features as they surround your shape and bring out your natural beauty. No matter what part of your body you want to accentuate, we have the right shape for your needs in a full range of sizes you won’t find anywhere else. We offer a wide range of high quality shapewear, body shapers, jiggers, leggings, post-surgical products, liposuction garments, tights, waist trainers, girdles and more.



Shapewear can improve your posture, boost your confidence and give you a sleeker body shape. We want to help you reach your body shaping goals while making sure you get the right fit because the client’s ability to be comfortable is very important. Don’t let anyone tell you that your best is overrated.



Highly recommended

❤️ I bought a size S, but unfortunately didn’t fit into it. I went ahead and bought a size M and was able to close it to the second line and after a two days I was able to reach the third line. after a Three days of wearing the Medium short waist trainer, I was able to fit into the small! I didn’t think it would take such little time. I am still in shock. Keep in mind, I workout and diet but still, I am very impressed. I can’t believe that I will be purchasing an xsmall so soon.

Margie Delatorre

The best!!!

Amazing quality, fit, length, and super comfortable! I have a 10.5” torso but I ordered the 9” because I hate being stabbed underneath my boobs and I like having room to move it up or down if I need to. I previously ordered an Angel Curves waist trainer and it doesn’t even compare with the Luxx Chery waist trainers. It was way to long, the sizing wasn’t correct, and the quality was not near as good. Highly recommend Luxx Chery. ❤️